First Post Ever!

Welcome to the Beacon Brewing Company's web page! This will be our first post  and if you like what you see you can contact us via Twitter @Beacon_Brewing,  check out our Facebook page  or e-mail us at!

We are also currently running an indiegogo campaign to raise some funds for merchandise and the launching of this fine nanobrewery!!

Beacon Brewing initially started as an idea when two friends (Craig Swendson and Josh Secord) got together and decided that it would be possible to sell some beer that one of us had been making in his kitchen! Friends and family who had tried the delicious kitchen brew supported our decision and encouraged us to look into the possibility of opening a nanobrewery in the small town of Nelson, BC, our WONDERFUL hometown!

The road even to this point has been tough, but the two friends are realizing that it hasn't even really begun yet! And to make matters worse, one of them is living all the way over in Halifax, Nova Scotia! 

This nanobrewery has quickly become a dream for us, and being able to join a local market with a sustainable business has the two of us very excited. We just want everyone to love craft beer as much as we do!

We plan on using "growlers" to distribute our brew, which may seem like a foreign concept to the lovely folks out west, but out here in Nova Scotia it's one of the main ways people consume beer! Here's a link to a video by some fine gentleman at another brewery explaining (much better than we ever could) what growlers are and how to use them:

The whole process is pretty simple:

- You come into the brewery itself
- Pay a deposit on your first growler
- Take it home to enjoy some delicious Beacon Brewing craft beer
- Bring the growler back to the brewery
- Hand the growler over and pay a refill charge
- Head back home to enjoy more delicious beer! 

And then rinse and repeat!! Woohoo!

So, in closing, stay tuned for more blog posts (which should be fairly often). Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and if you're feeling charitable head on over to our Indiegogo page and throw us some cash!! Thanks for reading!