Small Victories

One of the things that always seems to surprise me when it comes to opening a business is all the smaller moments and battles that are needed to get going. After deciding to actually move forward with the whole debacle we quickly had to segment all the little steps required to get to our final goal, then those little steps are divided into even smaller steps! Making these tiny checklists is especially important when the two main people involved are doing all their communications via text message and e-mail. 

There seems to be a lot of waiting in between some things getting finished and I find the darker parts of my imagination doing that horrible routine of going through the 'what if this doesn't work' for each and every tiny step. Up until this point Craig and I have hit almost every single green light with seemingly flawless timing and every time we do it feels like such a victory (worthy of celebrating with a frosty brew!), but when we back up to see the bigger picture and everything we still have left to do those little victories seem almost nonexistent! Which can be a bit disheartening...

In the end though the roller coaster of waiting and winning (or losing) these tiny battles is what builds the excitement and determination that is required to succeed in this wacky endeavour and since we here at Beacon Brewing have such amazing friends and family showing their support over Facebook  and on our Indiegogo fundraiser page every day I'm almost certain we have nothing to worry about!