Today started out as a decent Friday. I had the day off work, cleaned the house, watch the Season 2 finale of House of Cards, WATCHED CANADA KICK THE USA's ASS IN HOCKEY!!!.... But then it got time to get back into the brewery grind, and all the little difficulties were lining up one after another. It became disheartening very quickly, not that we would fail, just that there was so much that needed to be done, that we had to wait for other things to turn up first to start those other things and then things with the things...... Yeesh. 

So after a super productive board meeting (hehe we can say that now) I took the evening off to enjoy some board games with friends. It was in the middle of one of these games that my phone went off indicating a text message. I opened it up and my entire world exploded. Seemingly out of nowhere we got support we weren't expecting, and all of a sudden a great weight was lifted from our chests!! Now the whole project can kick into OVERDRIVE. Let's get this brewery brewing already! AMIRITE???!!!!!!!!!11