Friday-Sick Day

Well Josh has been back in the West Kootenays for 9 days now. Up until Tuesday all was well but then he caught a cold. He tried to work through it and keep his head up but today (Friday) he's finally feeling the full effects and is quite worn out. So the crew at Beacon Brewing have decided to make the first half of today a quiet office kind of morning. Lot's of paperwork to do, blogs to write, minor info bits to edit etc.

The second half of the day should see actual renovations resume. The refrigerated space for the kegs needs to be assembled! And the Beacon crew are the ones to do it... maybe. Some sinks were purchased yesterday and all the tools and other construction paraphernalia were transported into the site (including this ridiculously large and heavy chop saw). So we'll see how the afternoon progresses and of course we'll update all you lovely folk!