Renovation Creation

The team has been reunited here at Beacon Brewing!! Josh has made the journey from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Nelson, British Columbia! It took him 21 miserable hours to make the journey but now that he's here a lot of things for the brewery are moving ahead!! The pre-approval required to move into our space has been given and renovations are starting this week!

The dream is finally becoming a reality as the two dreamers who started it all finally have the space, equipment, tools, drive, and SUPPORT they need!! They can never adequately thank everyone who has supported them so far, and as things move forward all they can do is continue to thank everyone who is standing by them through every step!! 

A logo has finally been created by the wonderful Becca Derry!! You can find it on our homepage or on Facebook or Twitter!! The team at Beacon were picky with some of the options and they want to thank Becca for her patience and excellent work!!!