Race to the Finish!

So we've had our heads down here trying to get over all the hurdles in our way. One particular hurdle cost us two weeks! Alas, thankfully we're still not too far off from our goal. As final inspections and renovations are completed ingredients will arrive and an opening day can be officially decided upon. 

In the meantime the Beacon Boys are at the brewery every day (though the times vary) tinkering with all the details. Feel free to drop in and see the whole operation as it takes on its final shape!

In other news you may have heard that we acquired a very old bar... Well it's true! The bar is from The Gates of St Leon, a hotel near the hot springs at St Leon, B.C. on the Arrow Lakes. When the hotel was dismantled the bar was retrieved by a family member of one of the Beacon Boys. Then the bar traded a couple hands and sat in a few basements... for 27 years!! Then the bar made a quick journey into Nelson, and after some minor reassembly and a clear coat finish it sits here at our brewery looking quite fantastic!

So stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter as our opening day will be released soooon!!