Bittersweet News

So I have unfortunate news... Beacon Brewing has run out of beer... again. After our opening there were some growing pains and operational issues which limited how much beer we had on hand, and due to the wonderful support of the beer drinking community we have gone through our stock really quickly. This means that we will be closed for a few days while our new stock of beer finishes fermenting. That's the bad news.

There is also GOOD NEWS! After a few days we will reopen and quickly have three flavours going at one time!! We have the launch of our 8-Bit Bitter, the return of the Blonde Ale (now referred to as 'Blondes in Stereo') and the launch of our American Pale Ale; the UNDERDOG ale!!

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that we can reopen by the weekend to make sure you have delicious beer options ASAP!! Thanks for your patience!